Wetherington Homes


To keep your home in good condition and to prevent minor issues from becoming major problems, Wetherington Homes, Inc. recommends the following home-care tips for your new home:

1. Change your air filter(s) monthly.

2. Always run cold water when running the garbage disposal and you should also avoid putting large amounts of material or grease down your disposal.

3. At least once a year check for cracks in caulking, if there are cracks, remove the cracked caulk, clean the area and apply new caulk.

4. Test the GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupters) monthly by pushing the test button, which should cause the reset button to pop out.

5. In hot, dry seasons water grass and shrubs regularly. 

6. Clean sink drains on a regular basis to avoid buildup or clogs.  Never pour grease down the drain.

7. Test the alarm on your smoke detector and replace batteries at least twice a year.

8. Over time your house settles, as a result stress cracks may occur in the drywall.  To repair the cracks simply use lightweight spackle to cover the crack, let the spackle dry and re-paint.

9. Changing humidity levels in the home can cause wood trim to shrink or expand.  You should examine your trim once a year to check for corner separations or cracks.  If your wood trim needs to be repaired, clean the area and then fill the gaps with matching-color wood putty. 

10. In freezing weather, turn hot and cold water spigots on to a steady drip to prevent your pipes from freezing; a continuous flow is not necessary.